Technological support

We provide robust technology created ad hoc

We offer our customers a robust, specialised and tested technological infrastructure

Our efficiency is based on the intensive use of specialised technology developed ad hoc.


  • We use a “task manager” which simplifies the management of audit tasks, results in greater efficiency in the monitoring and resolving of incidents and streamlines the communication process between INTERAFI and other people or committees appointed by the audited company.
  • Interactive communication platform and document database for the secure exchange of information and the filing of reports, working papers, etc.
  • Ad-hoc software: internal code of conduct manager, MiFID procedure manager, legal coefficient measurement, financial product assessment, prevention of money laundering procedures manager, reporting of confidential statements to the CNMV, etc.

INTERAFI is a firm specialising in internal auditing, leader in the financial sector.



Interafi Servicios Financieros

Where we are:

C/ Velázquez, 46 6º – 28001 Madrid

Phone number:

91 781 54 76