Specialised consultancy

To avoid legal risks and develop your business

Business consultancy, adaptation to legal changes and business development

We provide our experience and global vision of the sector to mitigate legal, operational and reputation risks, making us the best possible partner to develop your business.


  • “Turnkey” projects for the creation of Investment Service Companies (EIS), Management Companies for Collective Investment (SGIIC), Management Companies of Closed-End Type Collective Investment (SGEIC) and their managed vehicles.
  • Specialised advice on adaptation to legislative changes (MiFID II, Solvency, etc).
  • Design of manuals for procedures and policies to be followed by the company.
  • Technical and legal advice on high-risk transactions and crisis situations.
  • Technical assistance for the company’s committees and internal bodies.
  • Secretariat service for the Board of Directors
  • Management and employee training programmes in the areas of compliance and internal control.
  • Design and implementation of good corporate governance policies.

Working methodology developed through gaining experience working in supervisory bodies, big four audits and companies in the financial sector.



Interafi Servicios Financieros

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C/ Velázquez, 46 6º – 28001 Madrid

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91 781 54 76