INTERAFI offers a wide range of service features to respond to all needs of financial and non-financial companies.

  1. Clients outsource to INTERAFI all duties and responsibilities of an Internal Audit Unit. We are pioneers and leaders in the sector.
  2. We also offer support for our clients’ Internal Audit Unit. We carry out all tasks according to the timetable set by our clients, coordinating with them and working under their supervision.
  3. Remote auditing. As part of this service, INTERAFI advises, coordinates and supervises the client’s Audit Unit while it carries out the Work Plan, ensuring knowledge is transferred to our client.
  4. We assign an Internal Audit Task Manager to our clients. INTERAFI designs client-specific software to help the Internal Audit Unit carry out its tasks, control and supervise field work, monitor and resolve incidences, prepare reports and allocate tasks and timelines.